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Shaping Behaviour towards Sustainable Aquaculture through Board Games

A series of 4 board games designed for fish farmers of rural India for capacity building and behaviour change towards sustainable aquaculture.

User Research & Testing

Sustainable Aquaculture must be practiced through scientific and technical methods. These board games are designed to help the user absorb information in a fun way. No classrooms are needed to understand different aspects of sustainable aquaculture, just print, play, and learn.

Board Games Designed for Impact

• Board Games designed for behaviour change and long term impact

• Designed in a way to break complex technical knowledge in simpler blocks for easy understanding and repeatability

Game mechanics are designed keeping in mind the literacy level and cultural context of the farmers

• All games designed as ‘print and play’ for accessibility and scalability at remote regions.

Conceptualisation & Ideation

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What Makes up a Game?


Luck that randomizes the gameplay


Dexterity is the skill to perform a task


Strategy is to decide what steps to take to achieve the goal


1. Fish Ludo

What is the secret to making profitable aquaculture? Keep your fish well-fed and healthy with sustainable aquaculture. 


Sell all your fish in the market and earn maximum profit


As a fish farmer, you have to maximize your profit using aquaculture method of your choice

Players: 2-4 Duration: 20-30 mins

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 4.15.03 PM.png

2. Pond Construction Site Game

Ever wondered what are the requirements for building an aquaculture pond? Make your moves and compete with your friends to build ponds and win the game! Strategize your moves to acquire land, build infrastructure so you can build ponds.


Any player who constructs 3 ponds first wins the game. Acquire land, build roads, waterline,s and ponds to harvest fish.


Ideal location for pond construction like Road Accessibility, Water source, Proximity to home, land. Role of FPO in providing financial/ technical assistance. Social sustainability, resource sharing & conflict resolution

Players: 3-5 Duration: 30-40 mins


3. Feed the Fish

Your fishes are hungry and need to get to their feeding zone. Strategize your moves and make sure the hungry fishes get their food in this fast-paced board game!


There are 4 fishes of different species. Each with their specific feeding zone with their feed in the pond. Your aim is to make sure each fish reaches its feeding zone.


Feeding Zones & Feeding habits Fish Stocking composition

Players: 2-3 Duration: 10-15 mins

Feed the fish
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4. Hatchery Card Game

Use fun game cards cleverly to complete an entire fish hatchery system. And learn how fishes are hatched for aquaculture.


Match the cards to build a hatchery system. First player to use all their cards wins


Process & Stages of a Hatchery unit

Players: 4-8 Duration: 20-30 mins

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