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As you embark upon your journey of innovation we help you build strategies, design products, services and experiences through Human Centred Design. 

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A bunch of

design evangelists

At CrossedDesign, Designers & Design Thinkers use not so obvious common-sense to bring newness into everyday things & to change the way people express, live, learn, play and work


Sanchi Bhardwaj


Sanchi is a Postgraduate in Strategic Design from NID, she has worked with various startups and corporate like Samsung, Zopper, Shuttl; helping them develop and deliver real time products and services. Tinkering with design processes and collectives for over 7 years, she is a strong advocate for transformative roles of design in innovation.


Saurabh Garg


Saurabh is Post Graduate in Automotive Design from NID. In his 5 years of rich experience with Honda, TATA motors, TinkerLab & TurianLabs, he has sharpened his focus on research and strategy. He has a strong expertise in design thinking and frequently speaks at various places training young minds for Innovation.

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