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We decode Indian users’ behavior, to design products, services & systems for organizations loved globally.

Design for India, like no one else would.


What we do

Crossed Design is a design-thinking-led Innovation company that uses a human-centered approach to understand complex business problems from the end user’s perspective and design solutions to bring a measurable impact.


We help companies in decoding Indian users and market behaviors, helping them re-imagine their offerings for emerging needs.




User Research

- User Centred Research to provide consumer point- of-view.
- Insight generation to stay ahead of rapid innovation cycles.
- Product Strategy & Design Directions to envision future.
- Usability study to validate & improve products, concepts and discover future design directions.


Design Concepts 

- Game Design for learning & Training.
- Product Design & conceptualisation.
- User Experience (UX) Design and digital product management.
- User Interface (UI) & visual Design. - Developing low to high fidelity prototypes for Usability Testing.


Design Thinking

- DT for Business Strategy
- DT for Empathy & Creative Problem Solving.
- DT for Digital Product Development
- Design Sprint for accelerating Innovation
- DT led Innovation


Origin Story


Sanchi along with Saurabh co-founded Crossed Design. The duo became friends during their Masters at National Institute of Design, India. Both of them had very distinct yet, similar journeys. Saurabh studied Transportation & Automobile Design and Sanchi studied Strategic Design Management. He worked with India’s largest car manufacturer TATA as a concept designer and She worked with global giant Samsung and startups like Zopper & Shuttl, majorly in the digital product-service ecosystem.

Crossed Design was born with the idea of experimenting with design. Exploring the immense potential of design to bring innovation across domains. With this thought, Crossed Design, a design thinking-led innovation studio was incubated.

“Crossed Design is our endeavor to push the boundaries of design and to solve unique challenges.”


Our Ethos

We take pride in our design processes; we are very methodical in our approach to innovation. Our core strengths are our tools & techniques developed over years of practice. We strive to bring a cultural shift within organizations, placing design at the centre stage of innovation.
We help companies in bringing forth ideas and design meaningful product-service ecosystems through a very structured, research-driven process of innovation.

We take pride in our research, documentation, and presentation, which is beyond from boring long text format, and is inclusive of various narratives & visual frameworks that always explain the core essence of business strategy. These frameworks also become sophisticated tools for decision-making throughout the lifecycle of the product.



Design is a complex discipline and demands a lot of non-linear thinking and empathy. We are a bunch of designers, strategists, engineers, etc. who love to spend time in ambiguity and understand the power of perspective.

Crossed Design is a place where crossed-disciplinary mindsets come together and collaborate to uncover new perspectives of the context at hand. We constantly look forward to opportunities for collaboration with individuals and organizations who are willing to experiment with design, art, culture, and technology. We are trying to build a space where curiosity is bred and experimentation is encouraged. That is the essence of Crossed Design.



Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 5.56.08 PM.png

Project Evoke’, a new and experimental approach to social collaboration. We feel that education is the most pivotal and most critical requirement of current times. With Project Evoke we want to take experiential learning methods to the remotest part of the country, with a hope to address issues like rural entrepreneurship, child development, women empowerment etc. through Design and Education. Phase I of it was piloted in 2020 at Jibhi, a small hamlet in Himachal, where we tested an exploratory learning pedagogy MIP, conceptualised at Crossed Design.

We are a Human-Centred Design studio based out of India that believes in making well-crafted design methodologies & experiences.

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