As you embark upon your journey of innovation we help you build strategies, design products, services and experiences through Human Centred Design. 

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A bunch of

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At CrossedDesign, Designers & Design Thinkers use not so obvious common-sense to bring newness into everyday things & to change the way people express, live, learn, play and work


Sanchi Bhardwaj


Sanchi is a Postgraduate in Strategic Design from NID, she has worked with various startups and corporate like Samsung, Zopper, Shuttl; helping them develop and deliver real time products and services. Tinkering with design processes and collectives for over 7 years, she is a strong advocate for transformative roles of design in innovation.


Isha Hyanki

Creative Lead

Isha is a Designer from NIFT & NID. Previously she has worked with major brands and helped them in creating compelling stories. ​ A true nomad from the hills, she loves travelling and documenting her stories in her blog 'No Plan District'


Saurabh Garg


Saurabh is Post Graduate in Automotive Design from NID. In his 5 years of rich experience with Honda, TATA motors, TinkerLab & TurianLabs, he has sharpened his focus on research and strategy. He has a strong expertise in design thinking and frequently speaks at various places training young minds for Innovation.


Kriti Dhiman

Design Thinking Associate

Kriti is a service designer and researcher. Currently based in Himachal, she has recently completed an MA in Innovation Management from Central Saint Martins, London. She has been working on projects in social innovation and design thinking. She is curious to explore the application of human-centred design for vulnerable population and design for inclusivity. She loves to observe the way people interact, why they do so and under what motivations. When not dipping her feet in innovation, she can be found sketching or reading a book. She is also a travel nerd, visiting around 15 countries in the past two years.