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Creating an impact is about keeping the User at the Centre. 

We identify emerging future needs & generate insights to build a targeted product strategy, by understanding business & ideas in context to the User.

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User Research

Research is the most crucial step in innovation, as it provides an understanding of users’ behavior and actionable insights anchored in their needs and dreams for the future. 

Unlike conventional research methodologies, design research amalgamates and curates methods and techniques from the toolboxes of ethnography, anthropology, etc. to discover not just insights, but a whole new perspective and fresh ideas which are not obvious at first.


The synthesis uncovered 3 types of learners. Use of pen & paper preferred, affinity to tactile mediums over any digital medium.

How uncovering different user personas helped Tinway to strategise their learning product for different types of learners.

Obsessed with the user

There is only one recipe for creating a successful product - listen to the user.
We are user-obsessed. Our solutions stem from the users, their behaviours and their
contexts. We follow a methodological approach to explore and understand the user’s world, his hopes, motivations & dreams.


Every problem is unique, so should be the tools & methods to tackle it.

Our creative approach allows us to create tools tailor made for each context. Over past few years, we have developed our own set of highly customizable research methodologies and design frameworks to drive maximum impact.

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All characters are copyright © Disney

How we discovered the visual landscape for different age groups through metaphor elicitation.

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The synthesis which is full of discussions, improvisation, and disequilibrium. This stage of the process involves a brawl of brains with us going back and forth with the research findings, scratching our heads. 


For us it is a beautiful blend of critical thinking and creative reasoning. Our team of left-right thinkers maintain a careful balance between creative and analytical, to find meanings and patterns in research data.

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Design Directions defined for xQ’s to ensure that the product is built around user dexterity and engagement.

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Bringing art to science

Research pervades strategic and technical challenges by providing perspective to find different ways of reaching a destination.

While the synthesis is often chaotic and messy, the outcome must be sharp and easy for the decision-makers. We believe in presenting research outcome in a way that helps the organization make better and informed decisions.

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Decision Making Tool 3 Severity Matrix

How severity matrix designed from user’s perspective helped stryker to prioritise features for their next OR light

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Our obsession with insights have led to development of  various open-source and home-grown frameworks that we have developed, like MIP & BASIX.

BaSIX- Basics of Smart Intuitive eXperiences

Basix smartness index is an analytical approach to examining smart products, services, and experiences. It elicits 8 indices which encompass everything that a system should have in order to be smart enough, for a user to be able to trust, use and adopt them. It quantifies smartness on a 10-point scale across 8 dimensions.

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BASIX Sandwich Theory:

Defining Smartness


Basix Sandwich Theory is a structured process for creating user flows that are user-centered for a more humanistic experience. The sandwich theory is based on the principle of sandwiching the system task flow between two layers of Humanization- language and learning

MIP framework emerged out of an exploratory study conducted at Crossed Design.

MIP Framework illustrates the ideal learning journey in a sequential process and identifies key moments for intervention through facilitation. ​ MIP framework explains fundamental stages of interest developing into a defined ambition or goal.

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In-short, the outcome of the research process helps organizations to:

• Improve the understanding of user behavior

• Create user-centric product strategy

• Develop products to better cater to your consumers

• Tap into new markets

We have helped organizations to decode Indian users and device India-centric products & strategies.


We pride ourselves on having worked with multiple stakeholders, individuals, & big giants. And on having expertise on users from local to global backgrounds. 

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