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Design Thinking  should be at the core of your Business

"Design Thinking encourages organizations to focus on the people they're creating for, which leads to better products, services and processes."



is so important

Design thinking

is the Toolkit for innovation.

The business landscape has changed rapidly over the years. Today, understanding the customer’s needs and driving problem-solving has become imperative for an organisation’s growth and sustainability. Today innovation is an indispensable part of business.

Design thinking is making Global Organisations Agile. 

 Several Fortune 500 companies like Google, Apple and Airbnb etc, have incorporated design thinking to nurture innovation and gain competitive advantage. The design thinking process has become increasingly popular at leading universities around the world, including, Stanford, Harvard and MIT.

“Design Thinking is a framework that offers a methodical approach for human centred innovation.”


What is

Design thinking

has its core in human centered design

Design Thinking is an age old way of working for designers.  As defined by various experts and designers, it is a process of creative problem solving with its core as human centred design. Now Design Thinking has its new home in business, technology and User Experience. This was made possible because Design Thinking has amalgamated various tools and methods from various disciplines like creative studies, social studies, business studies and engineering studies.

Design Thinking India, Empathy, Define, Idea, Prototype, Validate

Design Thinking strikes a fine balance between left and right brain.

Design Thinking strikes a fine balance between the analytical and emotional thinking. This allows organisations to align and channelise both right and left brain thinking towards one common goal.

Today, businesses and organisations are finding new avenues of exploring the creative potential of design thinking. DT is being used across domains like governance, education, healthcare, hospitality & tourism, defence, real estate, agriculture, social, manufacturing & production etc.

"Design thinking is universal and can be applied to products, services, processes, operational problems, sales strategy, customer engagement, and much more.


How can

help me?

Leverage Design Thinking  to grow your business.

User Centred Design

Make your organisation more user centric.

User flow

Fast Track Innovation across functions

Product Strategy

Identify New Product Ideas & Strategies

success matrix

Mitigate Risk and future proof the business

System Design

Solve Complex Systemic level Problems

User Adoption

Increasing user Adoption.


Make your Organisation more innovative

Business Strategy

Decision Making & Business Strategy

"Crossed Design offer experiential workshops, where you learn through collaborative exercises, case studies, games, interactive discussions and hands on activities." 



within your organisation

DT Workshops


Design Thinking workshops


People trained


Organisations impacted

Design Thinking workshop

Business Strategy

CXOs, CIOs, CEOs, CTOs, Presidents,  VPs and Senior Management.

Top down approach to inculcate design thinking within your organisation. This engagement is designed to help in aligning the top management who have ability to initiate and nurture change in the organisation.


The workshop focusses on Design Thinking as a tool for decision making, streamlining processes, reorganisation, and finding new product strategies, for disrupting business.

Duration : 4 Hrs

Suitable for

Design Thinking workshop

Digital Product Development

Dev Leads, Innovation Leads, Agile/Scrum Masters, UX/UI specialists, Product Owners, Product / Project Managers, Design Leads,

Specifically designed for teams designing, developing and shipping digital products. The engagement will enable them to build new innovative solutions for technical constraints, and learn basics of usability-testing and idea validation to build products faster and mitigate risk.


The workshop gives a hands on experience of managing digital projects, right from the stage of need gathering, ideating, prototyping and testing. They learn the tools & techniques for building user centred & innovative products.

Duration : 3 days

Suitable for

Design Thinking workshop for

Design Thinking led Innovation

Curated Teams working on a specific business problem

A hybrid approach of capability building and consulting, the workshop is tailor made and contextualised for your specific business problem. 

Engagement is designed to facilitate and collaborate with your team on an ongoing project while mentoring them at critical stages. Spread over a couple of months, with intermediary workshops every week. We become your extended team and leverage design thinking process to build the culture of problem solving and innovation within the organisation.

Duration : 2-3 months

Suitable for

Design Thinking workshop

Empathy & Creative Problem solving

Mid Management; Executives influencing Customers, Clients, Process, business systems and Brand Experiences

An approach to develop an environment for creative problem solving in the organisation. The engagement is designed to achieve improved customer centricity, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.


The workshop focusses on Design thinking as a step by step guide for structured problem solving. Teams develop skills for empathy, immersive user study, ideation and solutioning.

Duration : 2 Days

Suitable for

Design Sprint for

Accelerating Innovation

UX/UI specialists, Product Owners, Product / Project Managers, Design Leads, Dev Leads, Innovation Leads, Agile/Scrum Masters

Design Sprint is a framework developed by Google, that allows you to shrinks long development cycles, into 5 immersive days. 

We will assist and collaborate with your team in solving real business problems. 

Following the process, teams will do research, ideate, prototype solutions and test them with users. In this workshop, participants will be given the tools & techniques to build innovative products, through user centred approach and thereby reduce market risk.

Duration : 5 Days

Suitable for

Self Training

Design Thinking Guidebook

People who want to be creative and build newer and better solutions for business problems.

Crossed Design’s Design Thinking Guidebook, captures some of the most powerful tools of design thinking.


Designed for everyone, designers and non designers alike. The Guidebook is equipped with tools and methods necessary to tackle complex business problems.

Get the guidebook and start using each template as a ready made tool. Start your innovation journey today. 

Duration : 

Suitable for

"Design Thinking empowers businesses, organisations and individuals to develop an empathic lens and gain competitive edge."


What will be the 

Impact of

Design Thinking will empower your team with

Problem Solving

Enhanced Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Design Research

Methods for immersive user research


Rapid idea generation skills


Effectively meeting client requirments


Deeper empathic insights about users


Collaboration with cross functional teams

Problem context

Tools for Prototyping & minimising risk


Creativity and out of the box thinking

Case Study

Design thinking bootcamp at Adobe Design Mix 2019

Design Thinking Workshop | 2 Hrs | CXOs & Innovation Managers


Case Study

Design thinking training for user centred solutions

Design Thinking Workshop | 3 days | Product Engineering Team

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