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Design thinking boot camp at Adobe Design Mix 2019.

Design Thinking bootcamp | 2 hr

for CXOs and Innovation Managers

Adobe Design Mix is an annual event organized for global teams of Adobe.

Crossed Design conducted a workshop on 'Design Thinking for Business Innovation’; For Adobe Product Managers, Engineers, Designers and business owners.


The workshop focussed on Design Thinking as a tool for decision making, streamlining processes, reorganisation, and finding new product strategies, for disrupting business. Top down approach to inculcate design thinking within the organisation, this engagement was designed to help in aligning the top management who have ability to initiate and nurture change in the organisation. The experiential workshop, enabled participants to apply Design Thinking through collaborative exercises, case studies, games, interactive discussions and hands on activities. Participants were taken through a methodical approach for innovation, which they can apply to their real time projects.

Top-down approach to inculcate design thinking within the organisation

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