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At Crossed Design, we strive to deliver impactful products, services and systems that provide businesses with Measurable Results.

With our approach rooted in design thinking and research, we bring ideas to fruition to build a better future. We believe in being persistent when it comes to delivering solutions that serve people, companies & curiosities.

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Wondering how you can benefit from working with Crossed Design? Here is what we have to offer:

Digital Design

UX Design | UI & Visual design | Motion Graphics | Interaction Design

Designing digital product to cater the rising digital landscape including product management & engineering handover.


UX UI design of a complete suite of 3 apps for video editing, animation & LMS

Communication Design

IEC Material Design | Print Design | Branding | Packaging Illustrations | Character Design | Iconography

Crafting communication material to deliver your message to customers. This includes designing communication collaterals with expressive visual language.

Posters Multi.png

Communication Strategy for Sustainable Aquaculture Assam & Odisha.

Product Design

Product Design | Prototyping | Service Design | Concept Development

Managing product lifecycle undertaking product design from ideation, concept development to prototyping for usability testing.


Strategising an Exploratory Student-led Learning Service for Elite Indian Middle Schools

Game Design

Digital Gaming | Gameboard Design | Concept Development

Designing games as a tool for learning and training comprising content design, rules and mechanics development, visual design for games and packaging.


Shaping Behaviour towards Sustainable Aquaculture through Board Games

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse set of clients encompassing a spectrum of domains.

Crossing the boundaries of product design, we challenge ourselves to develop effective product-service ecosystems.

With the process-driven approach, we aim to design the vision for future. Interested to share your vision for the future? Tell us about it.


We pride ourselves on having worked with multiple stakeholders, individuals, & big giants. And on having expertise on users from local to global backgrounds. 

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