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Strategising an Exploratory Student-led Learning Service for Elite Indian Middle Schools

Using Design Thinking, Crossed Design crafted Strategic Directions for Tinway's Product design & development.

Tinway is a design led innovation company, with their primary focus on improving quality of education in India by making it more experiential for learners. Crossed Design developed and conducted a Design Research that will help Tinway in uncovering potential  learning gaps among the Elite Middle-schoolers of India. 

Using Design Thinking, Crossed Design crafted Strategic Directions for Tinway's Product design & development.

Phase 1

Contextual Study

A quick Observatory research and Intercepts were conducted with students and teachers to gain perspective about a middle schooler’s life. The objective of the study was to identify opportunities and redefine the scope for an in-depth study.

Phase 2

Immersive study

Design Research was conducted among 3 prominent stakeholders involved in the process of learning - Student, Facilitator and Guardian. The aim was to understand different factors, approaches and perspectives contributing to the process and impact of learning. The findings from Phase 1 helped us redefine the problem space. Using these learnings, Research tools and activities were designed to deep dive into the behaviours & pain points of the identified stakeholders.

Phase 3


Data collected from intercepts and interviews was deconstructed, transcribed and clustered. Patterns were mapped regarding perspectives which were established through affinity mapping and insights were drawn to uncover strategic directions for a learning solution.

These Strategic Directions helped Tinway to ideate, build and test their offerings. 

Tinway successfully launched

Math-ed Cafe.

A playful mathematic lab service across multiple elite schools of India.

During research, we tried to understand individuals learning journeys, motivations, fears, problems and concerns. Overlapping all these journeys among each other, we created an ideal learning journey. 

MIP framework defines an ideal learning journey

in a sequential process and identifies key moments for intervention through facilitation.

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