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Designing an unified gaming experience for K1-5 kids to enhance learning

How we demystified the world of 5-10 year olds and built a gamified experience to enhance their learning engagement.
User Research | UX Design | Game Design
What was the

FortunaPIX is a digital learning company building digital products for students engagement and teachers' adaption. While working with school bodies in countries like India, Mexico, Tennessee etc. they have developed products for class 6-12 students. In order to expand their business offerings, they planned to venture into class 1-5, for which they wanted to build a gamified learning tool

What was the

After an immersive user study we derived at a framework to design engagement in the form of stories and games for kids aged between 5-10 years. The framework was translated into 1 game plot consisting of 5 smaller plots, taking care of the changing preferences and complexities of age.

  • Universal Story Framework

  • 5 Game Prototypes

  • Mapping curriculum on Game levels  

  • Integrated Game point & learning point system

User Centred Design

FortunaPIX wanted to build a gamified learning platform, but they were riddled by question like:


“What could be the theme, genre, plot line for the game?”

“ How to ensure that, kid is hooked and motivated for 5 years?”

“Is it possible to have engagement without having distractions?”

“How do we motivate a kid to return again and again?”

“How to ensure learning while playing?”

CrossedDesign suggested them to take a step back & relook at the space from a fresh perspective. A perspective that can come from the user. Our designers helped them in raising the right questions and deep diving into user's psyche.


We have been building award winning products across the globe. Now when we venture into class 1-5 we want to create an equally engaging experience.  

Praveen Shorie

 Director of Product, FortunaPIX  



Demystifying a child's world

We began with cultivating an understanding of Tinway’s product and ideology by the shared knowledge of its key stakeholders. We worked closely with the stakeholders to understand, learn from, and ultimately, design for, their knowledge and experiences. Our research equipped us to develop certain key insights about the product, its users, and their environments. We also rigorously analysed the challenge from the inside out, churning out important insights and questions that were instrumental in defining the product.

#primaryresearch #insights #trends


They love to



They live in Make

Belief world


They love to

indulge in Stories 

icons_Artboard 34.png

User Study

Co-Creative Storeytelling

These findings became the very first piece of puzzle. To further zoom in and explore their stories & make belief and get a peek into what excites them, it was decided to indulge in co-creative story telling with kids. We designed an  interactive tool with the aim of enabling kids to make there own stories and worlds by handpicking characters, scenarios, objects, rewards etc.


And the magic happened!

These young boys and girls mesmerised us with their stories, full of magic, adventure and fun. They told stories about princesses, superheroes, magicians, dragons, unicorns etc.

They full of treasures, maps, keys, magic potions, evil forces, love, rescue and comedy.

#userstudy #empathy #storyboarding



Insights and Design Directions

Back at the studio, designers spent sleepless nights synthesising and breaking down these stories into actionable insights. Dissecting the research data uncovered subconscious  motivators, triggers & hooks of engagement.


Identified patterns were structured and redefined into framework. This framework served as a guideline for design and development of a complete gamified platform.

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Grey Block Man

I showed it to my investors. Do you think we should get a patent for this framework?


 Co-founder, FortunaPIX  

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