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As you embark upon your journey of innovation we help you build strategies, design products, services and experiences through Human Centred Design. 

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A bunch of
design evangelists

We use human-centred approach to understand complex business problems from the end user’s perspective and design solutions to bring a measurable impact by re imagining and designing products/services for emerging needs.


Sanchi Bhardwaj


Sanchi is a Postgraduate in Strategic Design from NID, she has worked with various startups and corporate like Samsung, Zopper, Shuttl; helping them develop and deliver real time products and services. Tinkering with design processes and collectives for over 7 years, she is a strong advocate for transformative roles of design in innovation.


Kalpesh Bhavsar

Experience Designer

Kalpesh is a curious designer who enjoys working with cross functional teams and is driven to create process driven solutions to enhance user's experience. He has professional experience with design of electronics products, industrial products, interactive learning, space design, information design, visual design, and more.


Saurabh Garg


Saurabh is Post Graduate in Automotive Design from NID. In his 5 years of rich experience with Honda, TATA motors, TinkerLab & TurianLabs, he has sharpened his focus on research and strategy. He has a strong expertise in design thinking and frequently speaks at various places training young minds for Innovation.


Prerona Mazumder

Communication Designer

Prerona is an experienced communication designer. Before joining the Crossed Design team she did communication projects in industries like telecommunications, hospitality, architecture, food & manufacturing sector, & with independent foundations. Her work constantly evolves from research, thinking mechanisms & detailing of ideas. She is an obsessive explorer of styles and techniques that meet together in narratives. She likes to read, collect books, & enjoys playing tourist.

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