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Business Development & Sales

We are looking for a highly enthusiastic individual to drive our sales in the B2B space. An experienced, well-networked individual in the Design Thinking, Research, UX/UI space who has the ability to generate leads and procure projects from Corporates, Startups & Governments. As Business Development Partner you will help Crossed Design to grow by identifying and developing new business opportunities. Your duties include searching for new clients, finding new potential services to offer, and helping the company expand to new markets.


Here are some common responsibilities we are seeking to offload:​ 

  • Identifying profitable business opportunities

  • Pitching for projects

  • Creating actionable business strategies

  • Nurturing relationships with clients

  • Analyzing market trends & Conducting extensive market research

  • Tracking business performance

Engagement: Part-time Consultation; Commission based; Hybrid (Remote + in-office)

In case you feel this is something you are passionate about, please fill out the form below

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