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at India's Largest Design Conference,

UX India 2018

Both Sanchi & Saurabh, Co-founders, CrossedDesign were invited at UX India, Bangaluru as speakers. CrossedDesign also exhibited exhibited its work and ideology at UX Talent Fair.
Conference | Speaker

UXIndia is India’s one of the largest Usability and Experience Design conference.

It is a 3 day long event with multiple talks, discussions, networking and awards. The conference was attended by various national and international design and usability practitioners, experts and agencies. All of them came together at single platform to exchange ideas, thoughts and philosophies. It was good to see so many idea leaders coming together, in the spirit of giving back to society and spread awareness about the importance of Human Factors while designing for people. 

Sanchi & Saurabh, Co-founders of CrossedDesign - were invited at the conference as speakers.


Saurabh spoke about BASIX - an experience design framework that was developed at CrossedDesign.

He said, “In order to provide a seamless and meaningful experience to people, it is critical that both people and technology should co-evolve.”


Taking evidences from the lifestyles of the millennial, he explained how critical it is to design experiences that are human. Various parameters of BASIX can help designers design solutions which are more human. He also illustrated that now with BASIX it is possible to define and measure experience. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.54.14 AM.png

Sanchi talked about her experience of Reimaginging Learning through design led innovation. In her talk, she expressed her concerns about the over ‘gamified’ and over ‘technified’ educational products.


In her talk she said, “what ed-tech startups need to understand is that technology in itself is not transformative. In order to transform education, it is important to put child at the centre of innovation.”


She also shared some interesting perspectives and insights about child behaviour and learning personas which were uncovered during working on various ed-tech products over past one year.

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