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Analysis & Synthesis go hand in hand

“As I break existing neural network of my brain to form new ones, I imagine things, I make new sense of the world I live in, I think unlike me. Doing this can lead me somewhere I don’t want to be, it can make me someone I don’t want to be. It is my conscious that keeps me aligned to positivity. It is my conscious that keeps me away from the evil.”

Analysis and Synthesis are brain activities of deconstruction & reconstruction. In life they keep on happening one after another. In order to understand something, it is critical isolate each component into its purest form, for which we need to deconstruct. Imagine it the way how one understands the working of a TV. He breaks it down, open each part and them build mental connections of each independent component. This breaking up of components into smaller individual elements is ‘Analysis’.

Now as you deconstruct, brain starts making connections of each element in order to make sense of it, in order to know and remember how it works and function. That part of making sense is called Synthesis and it happens without any conscious effort.

But our brain is a bitch! It makes short cuts for faster sense making. It is critical from survival point of view, we need faster sense making to react quickly to dangerous situations. But, on the other hand it does not allow us to build new connections as a result we are set in a pattern. Creativity or so called - ‘out of box thinking’ is about breaking those brain connections and making a new sense of existing strands of information in our brain. One way of doing this is consciously slowing our decision making, staying in the state of indecisiveness for little longer and force our selves to make new connections. We are capable of doing that through meditation and drugs.

What drugs do is they clog the existing patterns and connections of the brain. As a result brain is forced to form new connections which might lead to illusions, hallucinations and so called imagination. As it is forced to make newer connections, there comes a lag in decision making hence lag in reaction.

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