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Response & Recovery Ecosystem

We are engaging with business, NGOs, other agencies and the wider community to ideate on the immediate problems faced by people and businesses due to COVID19.

Change is necessary, 

But, not easy!

In the world impacted and drastically changed by the Coronavirus, businesses are forced to evolve and adapt. While many of the deeper economic and societal impacts of the pandemic are still unfolding, we don’t yet know the long-term consequences of the pandemic.

Unprecedented times demand out of the box thinking

Design can help us understand the challenge from a human centred lens and provide a creative approach to the problem-solving process. (ideas to envision bold future.)

As the tried and tested fails, driving lasting change in unpredictable times demands out of the box approach.

Let us unite against COVID 19

Are you grappling with a big problem? 

Please fill out this short form and schedule a remote call with us. 

We will be happy to help.

Pro-bono remote design consultation to anyone who is fighting against COVID19 on humanitarian grounds. 

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