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Crowd-sourced archive of coronavirus pandemic in India.


‘Living History’ is online repository of the coronavirus pandemic in India. The online repository will include a vast visual, audio and written data of the before COVID era and as it is during the COVID era (and lockdown) in India. 



Once in a lifetime opportunity to record your experiences during this historic time.

Why you should contribute?


Your work will serve as a reservoir of information and knowledge that can be accessed by all and can be used in the future to understand India during the coronavirus pandemic.


Living History will help diverse stakeholders to rebuild a better world for the generations to come.

Here is how you can contribute

This momentous task can be achieved only by the participation of the people.  People from all walks of life are experiencing the pandemic. Therefore, it is the people who can together create ‘living history’. It is through your experiences, combined with research and fact findings that we will be able to create an ideal imagined future.

1. pick a theme

Document the times that we live in based on any one of the themes.

theme A

Capturing Change

how things existed in the recent past and how have they changed in the last few weeks

theme B

Imagining the Future

how will things look like in the future or what is the ideal future

2. pick a category

The pandemic and lockdowns have impacted many aspects of our personal lives. Select any of the 5 key categories.

Spaces & Products.png

Spaces & Products

Nature & Climate.png

Nature & Climate

Social behaviour & wellbeing.png

Social behaviour & Wellbeing

People & .png

People & Governance

work & education.png

Work & Education

3. find your expression

We are not limited by the medium. However, to make things simpler, use any of these mediums to create your work - Text, Visual, Audio & New media.

4. make it history

That’s it just submit your work through this form and present it to the world.

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