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Post-Pandemic Era

India after COVID19.

A research is being conducted across major cities in India during the lockdown in India (April 2020). The idea is simple - identify every change happening at fringes. Identifying such changes early on, if extrapolated to various aspects - economy, society, politics, consumption etc., can help us predict the overall shift /deviation India will witness in years to come.

The results of the study will be published as an open-source report.

Research is still on.

Be a part of the study.

Weather you are an individual trying to figure out your next move in life, a SME struggling to find the right opportunity, or an organisation in hope of expanding boundaries in times of flux - this study can help you to design your own response and recovery strategies of the future. Please feel free to use this information for your personal and professional endeavours.

We'll notify you when report gets published.

Response & Recover

Unite against 


We are engaging with business, NGOs, other agencies and the wider community to ideate on the immediate problems faced by people and businesses due to COVID19.

*Pro-bono Design consultation for COVID 19

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