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Are Humans machines?

"Mars is the first planet to be inhabited by robots"

Well, almost as true that is as it sounds, in the attempt of creating civilisation on mars, lot of successful and unsuccessful missions have been commissioned. As a result today mars has many robots roaming around mars surface in search of 'something'. Something which even they are unaware of. They are just roaming around, learning new things about Mars surface and sending that information to planet Earth. Every time a new robot is set to reach Mars surface, it would have 'evolved' from its previous version or it will be completely different looking machine, set to perform a very different function all together.

Now think those machines have AI. Sounds very obvious thing to do. Imagine they have the capability of repairing and manufacturing itself again if it fails. And every new version it makes is a little better version than his own self. Imagine machines can reproduce. Imagine they can think and take decisions. Now imagine that of all the machines that are sent to mars, there is one common ground, all of them are being sent by human. We may call them different names but they are humans.

Lets see how life originated on earth.

Billions of year ago, some life form started originating on Earth because of suitable climate conditions. Every new species was a more evolved version of the previous one. Some of them are so different that every one had a different function. Everyone became a different species.

Origin of life

Then they started developing brains, they started to 'think'. They started to understand things better about earth.

They can even reproduce themselves to populate Earth. More the merrier.

What if we humans and for that matter every species on Earth is an intelligent machine sent by someone from somewhere in this universe. What if soul is nothing but an operating system embedded into machines which we call our bodies, which passes on from one machine to another when the machine (body) decays.

If we see today, every one is here for a purpose- A purpose unknown to mankind, a purpose unknown even to the creator.



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