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FlashBoarding - technique for post-it-ing the interviews for synthesis

Flash Boarding at British Council

A very critical part of synthesising interviews is deconstructing information into smaller sections/statements for easy re-arranging, reordering and clustering to drive insights. People who are familiar with the process do it intuitively but, newbies have a fear or apprehension in identifying the correct information. They might leave an important fact of information considering it to be useless, or they might just write each and every information which is redundant. In order to avoid that, we give team a set of triggers.

  • Quotes & Statements

  • Metaphors & Analogies

  • Incidents or accidents

  • Comparison

  • Dream & Expectations

  • Fears & Difficulties

  • Motivators & Drivers

  • Triggers

  • Needs / Ideas

  • Roadblocks

  • Perception & Values

  • Excuses

These triggers probe team members to think in the direction without getting overwhelmed by information overload. It is important not to put filters at this stage.



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