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Post-Pandemic Era

India after COVID19

A research was conducted across major cities in India during the lockdown in India (April 2020). The idea was simple - identify every change happening at fringes. Identifying such changes early on, if extrapolated to various aspects - economy, society, politics, consumption etc., can help us predict the overall shift /deviation India will witness in years to come.

crowd-sourced archive of COVID India

Living History

As we all live history, Crossed Design and History Hive have come together to create a ‘living history’ online repository of the coronavirus pandemic in India. The online repository will include a vast visual, audio and written data of the before COVID era and as it is during the COVID era (and lockdown) in India. 


Response & Recover

Unite against 


We are engaging with business, NGOs, other agencies and the wider community to ideate on the immediate problems faced by people and businesses due to COVID19.

*Pro-bono Design consultation for COVID 19

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