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Did 2021 turn out as you thought it would?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

A year has passed since we first heard the term 'lockdown'. In march 2020 almost the entire world came to a standstill. None of us knew or could imagine what it meant to live under and post lockdown. Lockdown changed our lives forever. For some it caused irrecoverable damage, for others it meant beginning of a new life. But, it affected each one of us and completely transformed the way we live, work and play.

During lockdown, like most of us, we used to have multiple intense conversations around what could our possible future be. During one of our such intense discussions, we thought of conducting a fun research to understand the overall sentiment of the people of India. We wanted to understand the collective thought of community on how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect us, changing the nature of our everyday life. The idea was simple - to know how did we all feel about the life after COVID? And that was it. We designed a survey and floated it across community. The survey covered wide spectrum of topics ranging from mental health, social behaviour, economy, politics, work culture etc. It was very well received with 924 responses from major cities across India.

Finally, almost a year later, we present you the results of this tiny project. It gives us an opportunity to reflect back and see how it all went. Please note that this research is not trying to 'predict' anything. Neither is this any form of 'to-do' guidelines. This research is mere recording of what people were feeling at that point of time. We have tried to present the data in its purest form as it was received. It is upto the reader to consume this data as something to measure the expectation of the year 2020 vs what really happened.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!


How you thought that public spaces will transform post pandemic?


What did you think will be the impact of

pandemic on mental health of the people?


What did you think the newly developed germaphobia would lead to?


What were your thoughts about change in people's behaviour during social interactions after prolonged isolation?


How would people's consumption patterns will change post lockdown?


What did you say about the materials and finishes of the future?


What impact did you think the global lockdowns will have on the work culture of future?


Your anticipations about transformation in technology innovation due to pandemic were...


What did you think will be the after effect of increased monitoring & surveillance?


What you though will be the impact of the virus on globalisation & global cooperation?


What did you think will be the impact of lockdown among governments, leaders & masses?


What kind of counter culture did you think will emerge post pandemic?


What you felt about the large scale attempts at migration and its subsequent affects?


What was your prediction about the immediate economic impact on business owners & their employees?


Your verdict about industries that will flourish or perish.


When did you expect the life to go back to normal?

What you thought would come first.

Will the fear outlive the virus?


Demographic details

Disclaimer: This was purely an academic research endeavour.



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