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Learnings 2019 #4 : Parents will invest in a product or service, only if it has clear markers

Rather than her just opening a DIY video and doing something randomly and finding creativity on her own, if there is a structure, it will be more productive. There should be some direction, some science to it

- Nirmala, CHRO

(parent of a 12 year old)

With so many child learning and development products and services hitting the market, there is sudden growing paradox of choice for parents. As a result, they are being extremely selectively about what product or service they invest on. They feel that their kids have limited time. Hence, they are carefully of what their child indulges in, whether it is learning, play, video games, movies, sports, arts, toys etc. They are opting for products and services that have a logical progression to it. They are conscious that the time child spends on any activity should be constructive, and should help her learn in a more professional manner. Parents are vocal about the fact that any experience that they pay for should have an upward growth in child’s understanding/skill.

Research suggests that parents are constantly ‘measuring’ their child’s growth. Hence, they look for predefined growth indicators. In absence of a clear performance indicators it gets very difficult for parents to find value in a product or service.

What to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that facilitation happens through professional and well trained facilitators.

  • Design products/services for overall development, mental & emotional wellbeing of the child.

  • Design a product or service which enable parents to clearly measure (or compare) performance and development.


Learnings 2019 offer a wholistic, unbiased human centric perspective to sensitise organisations about user behaviour and emerging markets. If used consciously, it can help in creating meaningful & responsible solutions that have a positive social impact.

During the year 2019, we at Crossed Design worked on various design projects ranging from education, community, technology, governance etc. These projects offered an opportunity to spend a lot of time in understanding people collecting real user stories, experiences and narratives across varied geographic, linguistic, economic and social backgrounds of India. These stories when carefully deconstructed and analysed, uncovered behaviour patterns and user insights.

We present to you, a curation of some of the most exciting learnings from the field - Learning 2019. These learning were accumulated as part of ongoing user research and usability studies conducted in the last year. To get a glimpse of all learnings, visit ‘Learnings2019’. To stay updated, please subscribe.



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