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Learnings 2019 #2 : Rise of conscious Niche Tribes

“The restaurant has been designed to experience vegan food. Imperfections have been intentionally created in space to give an organic element. Sense of seeing, smelling, touching etc. are elements that creates an experience that helps in retaining a customer.”

- Mohit, Co-Founder Greenr Cafe

Millennials are highly expressive and opinionated. We are witnessing a mass shift where people are getting conscious about social, gender, political, natural, climate changes. Research suggests that they are challenging conventional ideologies and exploring ‘tribes’ where they can express, talk and discuss their own mindsets and philosophies. These tribes are usually curated and prefer to have certain amount of entry barrier. (eg dribbble, Boneafite, etc.)

With the rise of consciousness among millennials, there is also a burst of ‘alternate consumerism’ where ‘woke’ people are willing to pay extra for making responsible and conscious choices. Authentic/alternate experiences like local travel, organic living, minimalistic lifestyles etc. are able to retain more loyal consumer base as compared to generic businesses.

What to keep in mind:

  • Ditch the one shoe fits all approach. Curate local, natural, sustainable & responsible experiences.

  • Creating entry barriers for membership/Curating users carefully keep the engagements high and allow them to express their opinions uninhibitedly.

  • Top it up by enabling them to contribute towards a social (or meaningful) cause.


Learnings 2019 offer a wholistic, unbiased human centric perspective to sensitise organisations about user behaviour and emerging markets. If used consciously, it can help in creating meaningful & responsible solutions that have a positive social impact.

During the year 2019, we at Crossed Design worked on various design projects ranging from education, community, technology, governance etc.. These projects offered an opportunity to spend a lot of time in understanding people collecting real user stories, experiences and narratives across varied geographic, linguistic, economic and social backgrounds of India. These stories when carefully deconstructed and analysed, uncovered behaviour patterns and user insights.

We present to you, a curation of some of the most exciting learnings from the field - Learning 2019. These learning were accumulated as part of ongoing user research and usability studies conducted in the last year. To get a glimpse of all learnings, visit ‘Learnings2019’. To stay updated, please subscribe.



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