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Learnings 2019 #3 : Video content is getting democratised by amateur video creators

“ I shoot a vine every Sunday for my YouTube channel. For that I use a bunch of editing apps on my phone. I have an app to add sound effects like laugh sounds, footsteps, etc. I add animated text using another app. Sometimes I have to remove background from the video and add a different one, I have an app for that. I have around 10 apps for video editing and I use different ones depending on the need.”

- Aditya, 17 years, UPSC aspirant

Social media and video content has penetrated to the remotest parts of India. This outreach resulted in a multifold rise of online video consumption (specially over mobile screens). But, more recently we are witnessing a dramatic shift where ‘video consumers’ are becoming ‘video creators’. Be it a young boy from rural India creating dance videos on Instagram or an urban mother posting food videos on Facebook. The rise of independent bloggers/influencers creating content on the go has democratised storytelling. They are re-defining storytelling through ‘Over the Top’ audio and visual mediums. Now everyone 'can' and 'is' creating short & quick stories, memes & videos.

Unlike conventional film making process, which is a complex art form of composition, light, sound, movements etc., people are opting for new funky video making and crude editing platforms. They are leveraging simple template based tools, and they are doing it on their mobile phones. Research gathers that currently this need is being met by combination of various apps for discreet tasks. However, there is a distinct dissatisfaction among people for the lack of good and easy to use comprehensive tools for video shooting, editing & sharing.

What to keep in mind:

  • While designing video editing tools, it is important to design UX/UI keeping in mind an average Joe.

  • Use simple, everyday terminology for while referring to various templates, filters and editing features on the tool.

  • While keeping the interfaces clean and simple, do not compromise on personalisation and style for the users.


Learnings 2019 offer a wholistic, unbiased human centric perspective to sensitise organisations about user behaviour and emerging markets. If used consciously, it can help in creating meaningful & responsible solutions that have a positive social impact.

During the year 2019, we at Crossed Design worked on various design projects ranging from education, community, technology, governance etc. These projects offered an opportunity to spend a lot of time in understanding people collecting real user stories, experiences and narratives across varied geographic, linguistic, economic and social backgrounds of India. These stories when carefully deconstructed and analysed, uncovered behaviour patterns and user insights.

We present to you, a curation of some of the most exciting learnings from the field - Learning 2019. These learning were accumulated as part of ongoing user research and usability studies conducted in the last year. To get a glimpse of all learnings, visit ‘Learnings2019’. To stay updated, please subscribe.



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